September 27, 2018

The thermocline of truth

It is the principle that bad news tends to accrue at a lower management level, because no one wants to be the person who moves a project risk marker from yellow’ to red’ on a RAG chart. As a result, pessimism and a belief that the project will overrun bubbles up’ to a certain decision-making level but never beyond, as if hitting the thermal layer that exists in the ocean. Eventually, the issues reach critical mass and force their way through, leaving senior management wonder why everything suddenly’ went wrong, when in fact the signs that the project was troubled existed at a lower level for some time.

So true.

August 13, 2018

Zelda book

Insta-buy when I heard @merlinmann mention this on Back to Work. Love, love, love this game..

July 30, 2018

First day back at work after two weeks off introducing this little angel to the world. Guess being a parent is always having a little bit of your heart somewhere else.

Beautiful angel

June 20, 2018

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018

January 17, 2018

iPad life

More and more of my friends and colleagues are considering an iPad Pro as a replacement for laptop.

I am so close to wholeheartedly recommending it. The final barrier feels like getting files onboard. Apple’s ubiquitous cloud storage concept is not widespread enough at the moment.

January 17, 2018

CI Tower

Love me some brutalist architecture.