July 12, 2019

Forest bathing

..for the past couple of years I’ve taken to walking around the woods and meadows of Hampstead Heath early every Sunday morning. The Japanese have a term for it. Shrinrin-yoku. Forest bathing. Immersion in the green light and forced perspectives beneath a forest canopy. The birdsong and the cathedral hush.

Absolutely this. Whilst having a baby has been largely an unmitigated joy, one of the drawbacks is the lack of time to get out of London and spend the day(s) bathing in the quiet calm of the forest.

Three-Park Problems and Forest Bathing

June 7, 2019

Recalling past wars is the most dangerous thing a nation can do. Too much remembering has lain at the root of almost every conflict in Europe’s history. We say we learn war’s lessons, but we seldom do. Memory distorts and emotionalises history. By its nature it dwells on grievance, enmity and retribution. Why is it we all recall war but never peace?

It’s time to move on from these overblown commemorations of war

March 6, 2019

When you delegate the outcomes and not the activities, you help employees not just execute for the task at hand, but equip them for every future task after that. You’re giving true ownership to your team.

Delegate outcomes, not activities

October 23, 2018

John Portman

Marriott Marquis

Atlanta Hyatt Regency

Big fan of the John Portman oeuvre. It’s completely over the top, but I would love to visit one of these hotels.

Via the Guardian - Disneyland for adults

October 22, 2018

Sleep. Calm. Prioritizing. Quality over quantity. Recognizing limits. These are the kinds of principles that have made him a wild success in the long run. I think we’d all do well to mimic these practices.

The Bezos way: sleep, puttering, and three high-quality decisions a day

Of all of the FAANG leaders, Bezos feels the most interesting to me (and maybe the most dangerous?).

October 18, 2018

Greater diversity brings new perspectives on markets and improved problem-solving skills. It also facilitates critical thinking. It is also shown to increase firm innovation through a diverse board’s ability to respond more creatively to changes in global markets and customer needs — women are now involved in 80% of consumer goods purchased and by 2025 women are predicted to account for 60% of all personal wealth.

Why the world needs more women CEOs.